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    Martin Luther King, Jr. / Lynchburg Community Council


    Develops and maintains the Center for Human Rights and recommends appropriate community observances around the national holiday honoring Dr. King.


    Monthly (September - July)
    5:30 p.m.
    Main Library: 2315 Memorial Ave.
    (When necessary the board will also meet in August to fulfill its duties in hosting the annual breakfast MLK celebration.)


    Rev. James W. Cobbs, Jr.
    Ward 4
    Jullian Brian Richie
    Ward 2
    Jennie M. Dyke
    Ward 2
    Jevon Scott
    Ward 4
    Gloria Preston
    Ward 3
    Renee Tinsley
    Ward 4
    Christopher Rhoades
    Ward 4
    As of 6/27/17

    Liaison:  Marilyn Martin, Library Director, 434-455-3817 or 455-6301

    Reference: Resolution #R-93-289

    June appointment

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Center

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