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    City Employees Appeal Board


    Resolves any Step IV Grievances as provided for by the City's Employee Grievance Procedure, which involve the demotion, dismissal, or prolonged (definition: in excess of fourteen (14) working days) suspension of the aggrieved employee.


    Board does not meet on a regular basis.  Members are called to serve when an employee grievance reaches the fourth step and a hearing is needed.


    Mylas A. Jackson
    Ward 2
    Ivette Matos-Serrano
    Ward 3
    Dianne M. Mills
    Ward 1
    Cary P. Moseley
    Ward 4
    As of 6/27/17

    Liaison:  Heather Brown:  434-455-4200

    Membership:  Members will be citizens appointed by the Lynchburg City Council for staggered three year terms of office.

    June appointment
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